Judgment of certain aspects of this video aside, this ad makes an interesting point (while asking us to consider what it means when a corporation enters a politically charged environment with a message like this). 

Anon in Oakland

I listened in. The customer had been a middle school teacher in Oakland for twenty years before a career change, and before that, she had grown up in Oakland and been to schools in the flats and the hills. 


"I feel like America is clashing on their opinions. It seems like before, people were okay if you had your opinion and I had my opinion. No one was trying to force their opinions on each other."


"We feel like the future is uncertain. There are so many possibilities," one told me. "People are speaking their minds, and it's creating a lot of clashing." 

Jane Doe

"I feel uncertainty and am worried for the future of America because of the current president. I'm really worried about undocumented people and the economy, specifically."


"Did you know over 50% of American's aren't prepared to financially take on a $400 emergency? When you think about it that way, a lot of the divide makes sense." 


"I feel more uncertainty. With past presidents you knew more of what you were getting. Trump is such a wildcard. And his win was so unexpected." - Joseph (Merced, California) 


"I try to stay out of politics these days. Doesn't matter who the president is, it's all the same. So since the [financial] crash I've focused on being part of the solution. Being gainfully employed, paying my taxes without complaining, focusing on core values."


When you don't have the antidote to your problem in your own community you'll look to anyone that claims to have answers


"I just can't believe this is happening. In the United States of America."  A composer would have written a long staccato over each word of the proper noun as she spoke.